E RYT200, RYT500, & YACEP

I want to help you to flourish in your physical practice using alignment based direction, holistic health and lots of laughter. With my background in illustration, I believe that yoga is art! One of my favorite things to do is plan fun fresh and creative sequences for you that are meant to challenge, nourish and spark you own creative flame!  

My experience in the business of yoga has led me to offer mentorship to new teachers (both online and in person) and one on one private sessions for students. 

I hope to offer you an experience in class that will resonate beyond the edges of your mat and into your world. Let's find your balance, your best self and lead you in the direction of your dreams!

Join me on your mat, online or in person and use breath, foundation and expression to step into your power! 


"Through her classes, Haily has made me feel powerful, strong and confident. Something in the way she teaches will make you comfortable right from the first second. From various flows to restorative postures, she definitely will take good care of you. I would recommend Haily with no hesitation, for all levels of yoga." –Vicky


"I have been to Haily’s classes at both the Lighthouse Hotel and Funk Yoga on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. Haily has always done a great job of sequencing her classes to balance the elements of strength and restoration. She also keeps it interesting by incorporating her creativity in with traditional asanas. Her themes are always tied in perfectly with her class plan, giving great connection to the intention of each movement or pose. I have always felt supported and comfortable in class, allowing me the space to explore what is being offered for me to try without judgment. I look forward for many more practices with Haily!" –Chelsey 


"I am super new to the yoga world, Haily created a supportive environment and a sense of family. She made me sweat more then ever but with a smile on my face. A special thanks to Haily for the wonderful class." –Rhys


"Haily is a yoga goddess. She is the most polite yoga guide I have experienced, often using the term "please" in her instruction. Her desire to continue her education and share her journey of yoga bliss is refreshing and real. Her guided classes are among my favorites with a high intensity in both physical and mental preparedness. She is a pure beauty inside and out. I am so lucky to have her in my life as both a friend and confidant. On the mat she is professional and off the mat she is just so fun." –Margot


 "I took a yoga class taught by Haily, it was very thoughtful and I loved that she was attentive and aware of everyone in the class. It didn't matter the skill level, she took the time to address each student over the course of the practice. She was especially creative durring savasana, and made great use of the blankets. Her class was challenging but rewarding as it forced me to push my boundaries, therefore expanding them. I will be attending more in the future." –Stephen


"Haily Cryan is a talented and creative yoga professional. I truly respect her teachings as a student in her classes, and as a studio owner. Haily regularly subs at Funk Yoga Nicaragua and her classes are dynamic, intelligently sequenced, and accessible for all levels. Don’t miss an opportunity to practice with her, I have a feeling she’ll be traveling the world with her offerings!" –Jacqueline


"Ahhhh there is something incredibly soft and grounding about Haily’s practice. Her classes and approach to yoga as a lifestyle, really made an impact on me. I will never forget when she told me: Mary, practice doesn’t make perfect.... practice makes practice. And that I will take as one of her better lessons." –Maryllis


"Yoga classes with Haily are such a wonderful experience, always different, always fun, always enlightening. I always leave feeling refreshed and just a little bit blissful." –Lorna




200 hour Clear Compass Teacher Training - Buffy Barfoot, Denver, CO

500 hour Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Certification - Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, MA

Relax & Renew Certification - Judith Hansen Lasater, Chicago, IL

Core Strength Vinyasa Training - Sadie Nardini