Uncover the vibrant, strong, inspired human you ALREADY are. 


Through yoga, creativity, and foods that fuel and nurture from the inside out, I want to help you discover your best self. In order to achieve the life we want, we need to create a vision. We need to move energy and make things happen. We need to nourish our system and make self care a priority. It starts here. Explore my favorite healthy recipes, learn Ayurvedic self care practices that will leave you feeling radiant, and get on your mat to stoke your creative fire so you can be the change you wish to see in the world! 



Stay inspired, make creativity a habit, and envision the life you want. You are the artist!



Give your body the fuel it needs. Dig into healthy, delicious plant based recipes and self care practices to feel amazing.


Take action. Move your body. Travel.  Yoga gently nudges us towards major transformation. Even the tiniest steps are moving you in the right direction.